Evidence-Based Treatment and Skill Building are the foundation of all we do, and our humanity and warmth set us apart.

Meaningful Therapy sits at the crossroads of science and art. We help our clients create lives worth living.

Our Process

We start by getting to know each patient and their family. Training and expertise, combined with a deep understanding of our patients informs all of our decision. Skill building, communication and collaboration move our patients towards meaningful change.

An accurate diagnosis and clear assessment of our client’s symptoms and challenges is essential for effective treatment planning. We start with really getting to know each client and family. That understanding, combined with our expertise and training, is how we launch into meaningful work and decision making. Once therapy begins, we use this knowledge to guide the skills and approaches we use. As time passes, we collaborate with families to ensure the efficacy of the plan. Communication and collaboration are ongoing and central to our approach.

Our Holistic Methodology

We look at every patient as a whole person who is doing their best in a complicated world. We take into consideration that a lot happens in our patients’ daily lives.

Work can be our biggest pleasure or our worst slog. Often it is both! We have a relationship to our workplaces and co-workers, but we also have an internal relationship to what work feels satisfying and meaningful to us. When we feel frustrated, purposeless, or poorly valued in our work, our mood can be negatively affected and our core identity can feel lost and confused.
A happy life starts with a healthy life. Regular sleeping, healthy eating and daily movement are the building blocks for well-regulated mood and energy. Disruptions in sleep and appetite are some of the first signs of serious mood and anxiety problems. Daily movement is one of the single best efforts you can make to improve not just your health but your mental health.
Education is supposed to set us up for success in life. It's scary when a child begins to struggle in school. We help kids facing hyperactivity, learning challenges & differences, excessive anxiety & perfectionism, bullying, immature social skills and even loss of motivation in middle and high school & college. School issues can wreak havoc on children and adolescent self-esteem and confidence.
Quality relationships are one of the most important ingredients in a healthy life. We rely on our important others to support, soothe, motivate, encourage, challenge us and to play and laugh. When relationships are difficult and unrewarding or worse, abusive, and when we struggle to manage boundaries, we are left with low self-worth & excessive anger toward ourselves and others.

Who We Are

We are a group of passionate and highly skilled mental health and education professionals, concerned and diligent parents, and invested members of your community.