Meet Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team has the expertise to treat our clients at each stage and season of life.

Hilary Cooper, Ph.D. Hilary

Hilary Cooper, Ph.D. started her career over thirty years ago working in underserved communities in New York City with families impacted by trauma and social-emotional challenges at Bellevue Medical Center, Mount Sinai Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and The Therapeutic Nursery School and Autistic In-Patient Unit at NYU Medical Center. Despite the dire circumstances of these families, Dr. Cooper’s passionate belief in the resilience of the human spirit and the power of therapy was galvanized through these experiences and remains the bedrock of her work today.

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Kate Chittenden, Psy.D. Kate

Kate Chittenden, Psy.D. has been helping children, adolescents and parents for the past 20 years. As the Training Director for Psychology in a large public hospital in the Bronx, Dr. Chittenden has taught a generation of young psychologists to recognize and treat the whole child within their family and culture.

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Allison Stahl, LMSW Allison
Allison Stahl, LMSW, began her career working with children and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, with extensive trauma histories, who struggled to have their basic needs met. Seeing her client’s ability…
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Stephanie Kasen, LMHC Stephanie
Stephanie Kasen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with years of experience working with private clients and in clinical settings including Hazelden Betty Ford, Inter-Care, and City Behavioral Health. Her…
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Mandy Zoffness, LCSW Mandy
Mandy Zoffness is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been working with children, adolescents and adults for over 15 years. Mandy has worked at both in-patient and out-patient settings,…
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Susannah Perlyn, MA Susannah
Susannah is a New York state certified Reading Specialist and received her degree from Columbia University Teachers College. She specializes in Orton-Gillingham (multi-sensory) instruction and is a certified instructor in…
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Who We Are

Our team of talented clinicians each possess specific skills, training, and a passion for particular age groups and clinical concerns. Regardless of the challenges you or your family are facing, we can provide care for you.

  • Couples experiencing infertility
  • Pregnancy and postpartum care
  • Parenting neurodivergent children
  • Children struggling in school or at home
  • Adolescents with anxiety
  • Emotional regulation and mood disorders
  • Young adults finding their way
  • Grown-ups navigating life transitions and loss
  • Anyone struggling with the aftereffects of traumatic experiences

Join the Clear Mind Psychology Team

We’re hiring passionate individuals who are dedicated to helping others and are eager to join our dynamic team at Clear Mind Psychology.

Join Our Team

We believe:
Quality treatment requires a combination of cutting-edge science and an authentic connection between the therapist and client.
It is necessary to understand someone as they move through all of their communities: their school, work, family, extracurriculars and close friendships.
Skills & Strategies
The best therapists offer skills and strategies in each session while nurturing the strengths and resources that already exist in each client.
Child Focused
Every child has a uniquely developing brain and their own path toward emotional and personal growth. With unwavering attention, we pay close attend to each child's particular needs and challenges.

We are clinicians, parents, and members of your community. Our uncompromising attention to the unique circumstances of each family and our commitment to innovative clinical care leads our patients towards meaningful growth and the completion of goals.

Clear Mind Psychology, P.C. is committed to creating universally healthy spaces where professionals provide gender affirming and culturally sensitive mental health care.

Our Expertise
Our treatment is based on research backed methods to address a wide range of psychological difficulties in individual, couples and family therapy.
Our therapists and learning specialists use a comprehensive approach to diagnose complex challenges in children while guiding families with an effective plan.
Perinatal & Reproductive Mental Health
We provide innovative mental health care, including home visits, to support parents through the complexities of pregnancy and new parenthood.